Sean Fletcher is a third generation teacher from the Fletcher family and is the founder and President of Fletcher Educational Consulting & Coaching.

Sean has spent the last 20 years within the Canadian education system as a student, teacher, administrator, consultant and adviser. He has had the opportunity to work for both the Provincial and Federal governments on projects such as Student Workplace Health & Safety, Tradeability, Get Out The Vote, Summer Jobs Service and Job Connect. Sean has also devloped a number of specalty programs and curriculum such as a Rock n’ Roll History course, Ebay for Dummies, specialized ESL workshops, Canadian Culture tours, education consulting & coaching.

As a Graduate from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Sociology, combined with his experience liaising with students at Eurocentres International Langauge College has adequately equipped him with the necessary practical skills and theoretical knowledge to apply student development theories in any level or caliber of academic institution. In addition, working as a Resource Centre Coordinator, Sean has had the opportunity to give extensive career counseling, support and aided clients in finding appropriate placements for summer employment and full time careers. Most importantly, Sean understands that an educational institution’s services play a vital and integral role in the success of its students’ lives.

With combined experience as Coordinator of the North Durham Employment Resource Centre, and ESL Instructor for Eurocentres Canada, Sean has honed his communication, interpersonal, leadership, presentation and administration skills to ensure sucess. The Summer Jobs Service Program increased its enrollment by 125% and was awarded a silver medal for service excellence in 2002. Sean Fletcher was the Officer responsible for many networks and partnerships facilitated between employers, clients and government agencies on behalf of Job Connect and Durham College.

Sean excels in positions that have required program development, facilitation of meetings, delivering group seminars, problem solving, training, mediation, event planning and motivating students/clients. Most importantly he strives to build a relationship of trust and confidence with customers, students, employers and community agencies.


Sean Fletcher

My enthusiasm, vitality and approachability coupled with my experience qualify me as an excellent candidate for any diverse and challenging education consultation opportunities.

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