Education Consulting Services


Fletcher Consulting provides it client’s access to Education Consultants who assist international students and professionals by assisting them with:


  • Placement, registration and admissions regarding internships and work placement for professionals
  • Assisting with processing of student visa’s, replacing lost passports or required documentation while in Canada
  • Completing applications for entry into ESL Language schools
    High school and all post-secondary educational institutions
  • Individualized TOEIC & TOEFEL preparation and practicing
  • Applying to vocational programs in Canada, the USA, UK and other English speaking schools around the world.



ESL Coaching Service


Fletcher Education Consulting & ESL Coaching offers Personalized ESL Coaching, which is for clients who don’t need a teacher in the classical sense, rather a guide to assist in mastering the subtleties of North American culture and language. Our coaches will :


  • Give our cleints the tools to make them feel more comfortable speaking English at social events by providing more confidence in ESL conversational skills
  • Help clients complete tasks efficiently and effectively; athletes, musicians, and many other professionals also work with a private coach or trainer to achieve the best results
  • Provide business English instruction as well as set up work placements & internships while for international students and professionals
  • Assist in finding accommodation, aid in home stay transfers and moving
  • Help clients to secure nsurance, health coverage and legal aid if needed



Business Coaching & Executive ESL Services


Fletcher Consulting gives it clients access to ESL Business Coaches who assist businesses, professionals and individual entrepreneurs to utilize the English language with English speaking customers. Our executive ESL Services specialise in:


  • Providing the language tools to professionals or business owners that will allow them to advance in their company or accomplish more in their profession by instilling confidence when doing business in English or with North American companies
  • Helping clients expand their business into wider markets by working on business culture, etiquette, business vocabulary
  • Developing communication skills such as phone conversation as well as sending properly formatted and written business emails, invoices, sales letters and promotional material.
  • Assisting clients in the development of Business plans, long term financial and business goals as well as short term action plans through an ongoing co-active coaching partnership
  • Providing and editing web content for businesses and professionals
  • Aiding clients in the completion and submission of RFP’s, government applications, online incorporation and registration of their business



Personalized ESL Tours, Social programs & Chaperone Services


Fletcher Education Consulting & ESL Coaching gives it client’s access to ESL Tour Programmers and guides who assist international students by:

  • Creating personalized tours and trips in Canada as well as the US
  • Planning events, birthday parties, graduations and other celebrations
  • Offering a chaperone service for clients to be able to go out with a native speaker to the movies, dinner, the art gallery or museum while practicing English in an authentic context
  • Gaining them access to leagues, tournaments, competitions and recreational athletics programs




We provide Personalized Education consulting services in Vancouver, Canada for international professionals, students & new immigrants.

What Are The Benefits Of Education Consulting?

Education consultants have your best interest as their goal since they work for you just the same as a case manager, lawyer or accountant.
Individuals who use personalized consulting or coaching are able to complete tasks on time and avoid costly mistakes. Consultants ensure clients have access to the services and social programs they want to use. We help personalized you educational experience!

Who Needs Education Consulting?

Executives with new international responsibilities, Entrepreneurs looking to expand international business activities, Students taking career or vocational programs, Immigrants who require Canadian or USA work experience, Individuals taking leisure, hobby or special interest programs, University Students requiring higher TOEIC, TOEFL scores, Employees building skills to qualify for a promotion